not by my power but by HIS mighty hands

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these whole time, i just realized that i’ve been standing on my own instead of letting Jesus stand by my side and help me work out with things i can’t handle on my own.
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list of things i have to do when i grow up

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1. become a doctor
2. have a lot of money
3. use all of my money not for my self but to provide the needs
4. push the goverment to conserve traditional stuffs
5. have a freakin’ handsome husband that supports me fully

one important thing, if i could live a luxurious life, i’d better share it to others.

“I live all of …

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“I live all of my days to put a smile on You face”

Forever-Hillsong More

My eerything is……..

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For ELFemmily

Check out aja yah apa yang dialami oppadeul selama ini, sebagai ELF kalian wajib mengetahuinya~ Setidaknya supaya kalian tahu, banyak ujian yang menimpa oppadeul Super Junior sebelumnya… So check it out!!

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Happy 7th Anniversary to Super Junior 슈퍼주니어7주년

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Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요


Your smile, is strength for us

and your tears, is pain for us.

So keep fighting and give all you guys have :’)

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